Type of activity


Recommended period

All year round


Provincial/Medium to low mountain area

Reference ATL

Ente Turismo Langhe Monferrato Roero




6,53 Km

Hiking time

1 hour 40 min


140 m

Departure point

Calosso – Piana del Salto
14052 Calosso AT
220 m

Arrival point

Moasca- Fronte Castello
14050 Moasca AT
260 m


    Length: 6.35km

    Hiking time: 1 hour 40 min

    Elevation: 140m

    The departure point is Piana del Salto, in the Calosso area. You will head north-east to reach Cascina Perrone. Then, after turning left, you will head north-west, cross new route1B of the itinerary and then new route1A, and finally reach Bric Chiccarella. Before getting to the top of the hill,the trail turns right heading north, climbs up to the top halfway up Bric Gesbido, and reaches Mola. From there, it continues halfway up the lower part of Bric Moncucco. Further on, the trail turns to the south-east up to Ferrero. Then, it turns left, and, following the road, climbs the slope of the hill on which the town of Moasca is located, and finally ends in front of the ancient castle.

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    Length: 5.19 km

    Hiking time: 1 hour 20 min

    Elevation: 45m


    The section starts where the main route begins and continues towards Marchese Alfieri to Piana del Salto. Then, heading north-west, it follows the route to Cascina Dalmino, passes it and continues towards Marchese Alfieri and on to Gallo Piccolo. Still on the route, it continues to Dalmino, reaching the road that crosses the Piana del Salto. Turning right and then left, it finally gets to the arrival point.

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    Length: 4.14km

    Hiking time: 1 hour 10 min

    Elevation: 110m

    The section starts where the main route begins, heading towards Busticardo and then towards Cascina Tre Termini. From there, it continues north until it meets Cascina Brichetto, Cascina Rocco and then Cascina Pastora. Continuing further north-west, it reaches Cascina Gerbido and then Verrua. There, the route turns south and continues straight for about 250 meters before turning left. Further on, it comes to Cascina Ponte, after which it takes a dirt road on the right and continues for a little over 500 meters before rejoining the main route.

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    Length: 2.79 km

    Hiking time: 40 min

    Elevation: 107 m

    The section starts in Salere. Heading north, it meets Cascina delle Rocche and then Cascina Caracciolo, in Scorrone. Further on, it passes through San Michele and reaches the first buildings in Agliano. Continuing along the road through the town, it comes to the top, 275 meters above sea level.

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